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jack cato
jack cato преди час
The funny part is josh loses it about 8 times and no one said a word 😂😂
Sherill Grant
Sherill Grant преди 5 часа
26:10 he had to pass if he shot he 2 couldnt score the shot would just get deflected or saved from that angle since their wouldnt be enough power
Sherill Grant
Sherill Grant преди 5 часа
23:11 Again i agree with Jj if tobi through balled that Jj would probably get that
Sherill Grant
Sherill Grant преди 5 часа
11:05 they should have actually passed the ball back to Jj the defenders gave a clear run at goal
Ameya Gokhale
Ameya Gokhale преди 13 часа
New Rule: You shouldn't look at the comments section a week after the video is released... The mind blowing stupidity and toxicity here is Literally what's wrong with humanity.
Cameron Waddington
Cameron Waddington преди ден
i hate josh
Hassan Ikram
Hassan Ikram преди 2 дни
ethan is acc so annoying he should get kicked out of the sidemen
DNACat преди 2 дни
JJ and Vikk are the only people in the sidemen who can both dish and take their fair of shit. Ethan pisses himself when someone points out he lost the ball.
Anthony54000 преди 3 дни
What’s funny is Jj didn’t actually fuck up that much compared to the rest of them in the first game.
nailuj namrof
nailuj namrof преди 3 дни
Why is everyone taking this so seriously. KSI vs the sidemen has always been part of their content 😂. It’s hilarious and at the end of the day they’re all friends and will probably forget about this in a months time. People should really loosen up and just enjoy the banter, even my friend group does this. It’s really not that serious 😂.
M M преди час
Innit, they're adults they'll forget it in a couple days
Ameya Gokhale
Ameya Gokhale преди 13 часа
Ah a sane person! It's a toxic jungle out there
Doge преди 3 дни
If the Sidemen don't do another clubs video, just look in the comments and you'll know why
Qayyim Ahmad
Qayyim Ahmad преди 3 дни
Normally I don't check the comments sections on these, are they all this bad?
Ameya Gokhale
Ameya Gokhale преди 13 часа
After a week or so... Yeah
Raiyan преди 4 дни
How did 3:40 had me dead
WMP преди 4 дни
Why is everyone so pressed in the comments, it’s banter end of the day you fuckin melons 😂🤣
JumpedPoseidon преди 6 дни
All these butt hurt people saying that they’re all against JJ… it’s a game!!! It’s all banter! Fucking shut up!
Alpha преди 6 дни
JJ Karen might just be the funniest shit in clubs
soiung toiue
soiung toiue преди 6 дни
Harry: silent for 10 minutes (I forgot that he is even there LMAO) Harry *after 10 minutes*: I want death
bocoy noiu
bocoy noiu преди 7 дни
This why i love jj he has such patience with the shit they give him
he asked calmly
he asked calmly преди 8 дни
the amount of people in the comments that don’t understand banter between friends is honestly sad lmao clearly don’t have any mates
Ameya Gokhale
Ameya Gokhale преди 13 часа
@Galahad yes
Galahad преди 5 дни
They dont have friends that's why
JuBaKu преди 8 дни
If JJ does something good they just find a way to make it about someone else
JuBaKu преди 8 дни
How can Vikk tell JJ he’s shit, when Vikk is fucking awful?
Ameya Gokhale
Ameya Gokhale преди 13 часа
Who's Vikk?
JuBaKu преди 8 дни
JJ is getting the worst treatment when he looses the ball, but when Josh, Tobi and Ethan does, there is nothing wrong
bocoy noiu
bocoy noiu преди 7 дни
Wtf happened here
sehhi vooty
sehhi vooty преди 9 дни
How does Josh get away everytime without criticism. Loses the ball more than any other with his terrible plays
dcoog anml
dcoog anml преди 10 дни
Really want an ethan reaction video to all the comments calling him out just so he can reflect and be better
Alan Dodin
Alan Dodin преди 10 дни
1:23 “I’m scared🥺”😂
adam rollins
adam rollins преди 12 дни
We need one weekly of these just like the sidemen Sundays
wuoi zuiu
wuoi zuiu преди 9 дни
Simons a beg who just says what everyone else says
Ivan Andrukhiv
Ivan Andrukhiv преди 12 дни
The fact that they rely on Vic to score is a bit sad
aola wili
aola wili преди 12 дни
28 minutes of the sidemen being in denial that jj was actually doing well
dcoog anml
dcoog anml преди 10 дни
Why does behz cry so fucking much during every game even tho he’s shit
CF CashFlow
CF CashFlow преди 12 дни
hoiy vinosa
hoiy vinosa преди 12 дни
Cmon lads support jj, rest of the sidemen hitting on him, Reddit back him up lads
E P преди 11 дни
They’re not hitting on him it’s banter
Panayiotis Christodoulou
Panayiotis Christodoulou преди 13 дни
Just wanted to see how many comments i made in this channel
Eduardo Gonzalez
Eduardo Gonzalez преди 13 дни
“The hill”😭😭😭😭
GeorgeBokolos21 преди 14 дни
this comment section is the worst section i have ever seen
hoiy vinosa
hoiy vinosa преди 12 дни
Jj such a class clown😂😂😂
A H преди 14 дни
jj pissed me off this whole video like bmt stfu
Jimm Dick
Jimm Dick преди 15 дни
Wtf happened here
Jay10aldana преди 15 дни
Need players for ps hmu
E P преди 11 дни
That’s sad
Ifan Stoddart
Ifan Stoddart преди 15 дни
The things they come up with to say about them losing is amazing Example: Harry - "I want to be HIV positive"
Cymmas преди 15 дни
whats the song that starts at 10:36
Ryan Watson
Ryan Watson преди 15 дни
Simons a beg who just says what everyone else says
Ryan Watson
Ryan Watson преди 15 дни
Ethans so bitter.
kenta Han
kenta Han преди 16 дни
Why does behz cry so fucking much during every game even tho he’s shit
King Dongo
King Dongo преди 16 дни
what's the name of the song at 10:40?
M8isl8allthetime преди 16 дни
Karen neek..... reddit it’s your time to shine
Evans Archer Christ
Evans Archer Christ преди 17 дни
Jj such a class clown😂😂😂
AJ Pillay
AJ Pillay преди 17 дни
Theo Au-Yeung
Theo Au-Yeung преди 17 дни
Tobi legit mad
Kay Dogg
Kay Dogg преди 17 дни
Jesus Christ these comments lighting the fuck up man it’s a laugh between friends stop fucking dissecting the video just laugh and enjoy it 😂
Kay Dogg
Kay Dogg преди 11 дни
@The biggest bruh moments exactly mate people need to realise a lot of friend groups talk to each other like this or worse 😅
The biggest bruh moments
The biggest bruh moments преди 15 дни
Honestly, how would they be friends for over 5 years if they were serious..
DaanTBE преди 18 дни
Was watching a sidemen vid before i got a call about graduating guess what I graduated
Gabrielle G
Gabrielle G преди 18 дни
Everyone in the comments taking this far to seriously doing big paragraphs explaining whos right and wrong 🤣 it’s an entertaining video and not deep lmao just relax
HadesCODM преди 18 дни
Who else went to duke of Edinburgh? And who doing it now? ( i did it last year cause i Tu Yung)
E P преди 11 дни
I swear that’s a posh thing
Kerenui Tawhanga Totorewa
Kerenui Tawhanga Totorewa преди 18 дни
Someone put Ethan on mute fucking annoying leave my man KSI alone calling him names and shit
Kerenui Tawhanga Totorewa
Kerenui Tawhanga Totorewa преди 18 дни
JJ fine asf
NARWHALS LEAKS преди 18 дни
vikk shoots at keeper and all the sidemen say nice try, jj shoots at keeper and all the sidemen have a cry jesus fuck
E P преди 11 дни
It’s a joke between mates and they only did that cause JJ was roasting josh for shooting at the keeper when it was actually towards the corner
E M преди 18 дни
They all hate jj now but wait till his next boxing fight and they make it all about sidemen winning again 🤦‍♂️
E P преди 11 дни
Wtf are u on about its a game obviously they don’t hate him it’s a joke it ain’t that deep
The biggest bruh moments
The biggest bruh moments преди 15 дни
Andew10 Soccer
Andew10 Soccer преди 18 дни
Ethan a whiney baby
Juan Ramirez
Juan Ramirez преди 18 дни
I havent forgot about Sidemen Mario Kart, just putting that out there
Magic Mike
Magic Mike преди 19 дни
I literally so much hate how easily Simon gets offended. Like he can’t stand up for anything man. littel boy…
E P преди 11 дни
@Magic Mike init I rate don’t like Simon he’s jarring
Magic Mike
Magic Mike преди 19 дни
…and I mean in general, not in this vid…
FGN_Cyclone _
FGN_Cyclone _ преди 19 дни
the sidemen havent been the same since the diss tracks, it make seem like all jokes but watching you lot argue the whole time is not entertaining
Ray преди 19 дни
Why is tobi the most dry neek actin up
Flix Richmond
Flix Richmond преди 19 дни
Ethan has been pissing me off for years, same thing where he contradicts himself, when JJ was calling the crosses dead ‘it was all about the run’ and as soon as Josh literally just does an RB x cross and hopes it’s all about the ball and not about ‘the run’ that was so important minutes earlier. He was a whiny prick on GTA years ago and he’s never changed.
CamoJackTindale T
CamoJackTindale T преди 19 дни
The reason why sidemen win pro clubs majority of the time is because they actually play as a team. They know they can try and hit a goal but they pass and get a guaranteed goal. They think, I miss having people like that.
ThatLazGuy преди 19 дни
Bro jj early vid, bare annoying. But when man started playing better than the rest at the end, behz and his constant whining got bare more annoying.
Callum Jones
Callum Jones преди 19 дни
JJ just saying as it is and Ethan screaming calling him a mong
nearo преди 19 дни
why r ppl so pressed its a fifa video non of them are being serious 😂😂
Ali X
Ali X преди 19 дни
I would watch the hike video, I think it’s a good idea
Sabit Abrar
Sabit Abrar преди 19 дни
Overall, it was not a good video. I know they thought it was banter, but at some point, it becomes really annoying to hear the same shit over and over again.
SamHLR преди 20 дни
You’re 💩 lads
Robert Chitic Patapievici
Robert Chitic Patapievici преди 20 дни
whats the song at 11:00
Miguel Wagner
Miguel Wagner преди 20 дни
ngl JJ right tho
Saleh Bhatti
Saleh Bhatti преди 20 дни
They're lucky JJ is such a good sport about always being the "bad guy", none of the other guys would be able to handle it
Ninjaverse преди 20 дни
In Pro Clubs, it's both no ones fault and everyone's fault when a fuck up happens
Sebastian Altmid
Sebastian Altmid преди 20 дни
The music gives me trust issues
Zachary Eldred
Zachary Eldred преди 20 дни
Yo why is everyone in the comments so triggered, it’s a video and a joke no need to take everything so seriously
LukyCharmmz lmao
LukyCharmmz lmao преди 20 дни
whats the song at 5:40
Mario Melchiot
Mario Melchiot преди 20 дни
They deserve to concede the first goal after what Harry said😶
FOXs Midas
FOXs Midas преди 20 дни
KSI = Karen Sass and Idiot 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Denny Morrissey
Denny Morrissey преди 20 дни
Behz is more useless than an npc and ksi was the best player this vid Honestly wouldn't mind if behz and Josh weren't even in sidemen tbh they're like the entitled lil fat kids at school that they're parents let have everything and never punish.
Raiyan преди 20 дни
Comments relax aite 😂😂. It's a funny vid let's leave it as that
BIG Jetski
BIG Jetski преди 20 дни
Tänk o vara sämst på fifa!
Damola преди 21 ден
Weird how no one said anything about Tobi conceding 4 in the first game lol. And he lowkey was being a bigger Karen than JJ
Mahir Wasif
Mahir Wasif преди 21 ден
Let’s be honest, sidemen would be nothing without jj
Andy Monterrosa
Andy Monterrosa преди 6 дни
Dude why are you taking the video up the ass, they are bunch of friends having a laugh
msmwn13 преди 14 дни
@Mahir Wasif no I’m not a Redditor and also I’m not saying that all I wanna see is jj being violated, I’m saying that in the times it has happened it was hilarious and it wasn’t that deep
Mahir Wasif
Mahir Wasif преди 15 дни
@msmwn13 I mean they are the ones that literally carries every single video, the others are good but not that as Harry and Jj and it pisses many people off that everyone violates these two even more so Jj, you just wanna see them bully Jj don’t you? Are you redditor by a chance?
msmwn13 преди 15 дни
@Prada You yh but ppl say that him and Harry are the only important members in the sidemen. That’s the problem
Prada You
Prada You преди 15 дни
@msmwn13 it's true tho ksi is a large reason why the sidemen is successful he is basically the michael jackson of the group. In spill your guts vid josh said ksi is the most important member because he brings in the views which is 100% facts. He may not be a Saint but the sidemen don't blow up without JJ. Especially here in America most of us know the sidemen because of Ksi
MR Alam
MR Alam преди 21 ден
Big up Vikk and Harry
alex tyler
alex tyler преди 21 ден
omg no way I'm of to lake district soon for a holiday
Paper Mask
Paper Mask преди 21 ден
The thumbnail threw me off...I didn't know this was FIFA proclubs
Machio преди 21 ден
Vikk, Simon and Harry need to change their builds especially Harry his guy looks so sluggish on the ball.
Jack Dardis
Jack Dardis преди 21 ден
JJ wasn't wrong this video the rest of them were😂
Haterade1223 преди 21 ден
You guys should fill the whole team for one episode ! Add Calfreezy , Callux , Randolph and a goalie 😂😂👀👀
Reigh XSavageX
Reigh XSavageX преди 21 ден
Nice idea would be if you do a camping or hiking, $10,000 vs $100 video
Keira преди 21 ден
I dunno what even is happening, I have never once played this game nor watched it.
Nic T
Nic T преди 21 ден
Sidemen disstracks season 2
Bichitrabarman Bb
Bichitrabarman Bb преди 21 ден
I can see a lot of Karen's in the comments section as well....chill it's just a fifa match
Blundell Fims
Blundell Fims преди 22 дни
They need to not cross it
Yamzie Moyo
Yamzie Moyo преди 22 дни
Sidemen Super Smash: Ultimate would be EPIC.
Ruhaan arsal
Ruhaan arsal преди 22 дни
Moral of the story: Tobi and ethan cant take a fucking joke. Tobi especially. Jj takes so much shit from them, still doesnt let it get to his head. Guaranteed if ethan was the one gettin this much hate, the dude would just go quiet and leave the call. Also tobi. Granted hes a nice guy and all but man does he piss me off
Natan KKB
Natan KKB преди 22 дни
I swear ethan and tobi are the most annoying sidemen imo like ethan and tobi would cry and prob make a video if they got the treatment jj got this video smh im not saying dont troll eachother lol but this isnt it
shani yan
shani yan преди 22 дни
gassed when he messes up
TUC_DoctorGamer преди 22 дни
The further I get into this video, the more I actually hate Ethan
misolou fout
misolou fout преди 22 дни
Jj really said I love u all at the end and they said fuck you, that kinda explains it.
TUC_DoctorGamer преди 22 дни
Yo, Josh and Ethan are actually so dead at fifa now
Jeremiah Makinde
Jeremiah Makinde преди 22 дни
Ethan was jarring af in this video 😤
kp88200 преди 22 дни
The comments on clubs videos are absolute ass. Why are you so upset about 7 lads playing a video game?
shani yan
shani yan преди 22 дни
you guys should maka a go karting race vid
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